tips for Instagram Marketing Growth

3 Secret tips for Instagram Marketing Growth

According to Wikipedia Instagram is an app that allows users to share their photos and video in social media. Recently Facebook owned the Instagram. But as we knows Instagram turns into a marketing platform , to sell their product online or through their Instagram audience.

Firstly in 2010, Instagram like a normal social media photo sharing app , But in 2019 Instagram turns into a huge marketing place for seller and it also launching new platform to attract new users.
As we see the user base of the Instagram is increasing day by day. But as of now the user base of Instagram reached 88 million active user in India. You can start an Instagram Store via Instagram business

Here 3 secret tips for Instagram marketing that no one taught

These tips are applied and working tips, that increase your Instagram earning and Business Growth.

Tip 1 for Instagram Marketing :

Always use free Instagram tools to know your audience behavior as a newbie. It helps an Instagram marketer to know how user are interact with your content

Tip 2 for Instagram Marketing :

Instagram shopping feature : always use Instagram shopping feature which provides you a platform that help to feel like e-commerce business.As per the research around 130 million users are search shopping related stuff in Instagram.

How to use Instagram shopping feature,

  • Tag a product every time to post in your story.
  • Enable in app checkout feature in Instagram for user.
tips for Instagram Marketing Growth

Tip 3 for Instagram Market :

Always try to put right tag in your product because according to the Instagram more than 200 million users are explore things in explore tab,which differ user by user.Example tabs for “IGTV” and “Shop,” but you can see other categories too, like “Nature,” “Decor,” “Travel” and more.

Bonus tip for Instagram Market :

Always try to make content interactive, which help to analysis the user/ buyers behavior and activity interest over the product.Like take your photo or upload your content, then tap the stickers icon to access all of your content options.

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