Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome: Which one better in 2020

Is Microsoft Edge is really faster than Chrome in 2020?

If you are using Google Chrome from long time ago, then here is good news for all. Google release new improvement in his Google Chrome Browser.

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge built using Chromium, and we already know chrome is the most popular browser ever seen. Now we compare Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome.

Pros and Cons of Google Chrome Vs Microsoft Edge :

Microsoft Edge BrowserGoogle Chrome Browser
1 . It’s handle website more convent way.1. Freeze Website when no use.
2. It’s easy integrate with Cortana.2. It’s integrated with Google Assistant.
3. Reading mode by default.3. Save user/password feature.
4. Direct Note-Making from a web page.4. Fast Bookmarking and shortcut
5.Lite Weight And Fast search.

As the above points are explain in details.

Microsoft edge is the browser that can handle website more easily as per my experience I realize websites are responding much faster in Microsoft Edge 2020 update than chrome. Where as in the chrome the unused tabs are freeze when their is no use , or we want to visit.

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