Computer Hang Issue

Fix computer hang issue [SOLVED] in 2020

Friends, this is the world of computers (condensing). We should get as much information about computers as possible. There is no official or professional work in this world without a computer. You must have seen many times, in many places, even if the office is small, it has a computer. Whether it is a private office or a government office, it still has a computer. Right now, medical shops also have computers. This computer created such a panic that after a few days, computers would appear in every house.

In this computer age, computer education is taught in every school/college. And everyone’s parents also want their boy to get computer education. Today computer institutes have been installed in every small and big city. So that the computer can get an education in the school as well as outside.

One day when there will be computers in the house, then the computer problem will also be in the house? Now you must be thinking what am I saying? What is the problem with the computer?
Friends will be the problems with the computer, not the problems with the computer. If there is a problem with the computer, then you will be taken to the computer shop for repair. But tell me one thing how many times you will be taken. To be taken again and again – to improve, this is not the only thing in life.

Right now I come straight to the point not cooking too much. The biggest problem in computers is that of computer hangs. This small problem speeds up the entire computer. The computer stops working. The computer’s data gets deleted. There are many more problems.

I said in a line above, “Friends are not problems with computers, there will be problems in computers”, this too will be misunderstood, because when your computer is in the problem then your mind will be disturbed. Because that computer is our own, we work on it.

That is why I thought to write this article keeping this problem in mind. Let us now solve this problem.

What if your computer hangs?

What do you do if your computer is hung? It has a simple and small trick that I have, which will make your computer work when used.

Follow Step: –

Shift Ctrl Esc Press all three buttons on the computer keyboard simultaneously
Now a window will open, press END TASK.
Now wait a few seconds, your computer will start working.

Friends, how did you like the information was given by me if you like it, then please comment and if you have to ask anything about computer problems, then write your problem in the comment. We will be happy to help you and do not forget to share this post to your friends.

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