Ethereum and Bitcoin Price are seem High Is it a Crypto Explode ?

Ethereum price increase every minute , in January 2021 the price of Ethereum was about $1385 . In the end of February the price will hits 2000 USD , this might be shocking but may happen .

After the Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Ethereum becomes second largest cryptocurrency in the USA (United States of America ) .

What Ethereum is :

Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrency that circulate in the market of traders . Cryptocurrency is the currency that exist in digital form , we can say the Ethereum is the digital currency that not regulate by any central bank or any central organization . Then Miners came into the picture, Miners are those which use their computer system processing power to regulate the exchange of the crypto currency. For the security of cryptocurrencies , all the transactions are store inside distributed ledger , using the Blockchain.

Why Ethereum become Traders Love :

According to the Galaxy Trading , Ethereum will hits $3000 USD in last few weeks of the month of February. Ethereum now become the second largest market share in crypto after the Bitcoin , and this is one of the reason for gaining popularity between traders and Crypto Marketers.

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