What i choose Blogger or WordPress in 2020

What i choose Blogger or WordPress in 2020

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In the era of digital world almost everything go online. Even blogging becomes one of the career options for their life. That’s why newbie bloggers are willing to start a blog, but they confused Should I go with Blogger OR WordPress in 2020. And i (Mr Techie) here to clear your all doubts.

Blogger or WordPress in 2020 :

What is Blogger ?

Blogger is the CMS platform provided by Google for those who want to start a new blog for free. CMS is the known as Content Management System, which helps to manage your blog easily as you think.

Before start anything let’s know Some benefits of Blogger :

  1. 100% FREE TO USE.
  2. Free sub-domain (like : [desire-name].blogspot.com).
  3. Google’s Fast server Free of cost.
  4. Unlimited website traffic Handing.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Free Basic SEO settings.

Above you see, the Blogger includes lots of free things for your blog website. Personally the features I like most are Fast speed, unlimited traffic handling and free of cost. As we know the service provided by the Google is much better than others and easy to use is another feature that helps a new blogger to understand about blogging.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is the powerful blogging platform, which is used to create a good website. WordPress n number of features that are not available in a Blogger platform. On WordPress, you can add plugin, themes add-ons and many more. WordPress is not just a CMS platform it’s more that what is it.

Before start anything let’s know Some benefits of WordPress :

  1. Flexible.
  2. Lots of customization features.
  3. Cache Control.
  4. Free SEO optimize plugins.
  5. Block editor for Post writing

Blog Setup in WordPress and Blogger which help you to choose best option Blogger or WordPress in 2020

Blogger Setup :

Step 1 : Go to Blogger.com, and Click on Sign up.

Should I go with Blogger OR WordPress in 2020 [blogger setup]

Step 2 : Now sign in with your Google account and Click on Start new blog.

Step 3: It’s time to choose a domain name (sub domain) like techiegram.blogspot.com

Step 4 : Done. [You can start post a blog post from now].

Conclusion Blogger or WordPress in 2020:

  1. In the Blogger you never create proper website for your dedicated need, like a photo sharing site, URL shortener site, or any tool related.If your website not stand under the SEO standards you will never be success in Blogging Industry
  2. If you want to success in blogging WordPress is the best choice.
  3. Many popular blogs are hosted on WordPress means, it’s a good choice to use WordPress.
  4. WordPress supports lots of features that not supported by blogger.
  5. WordPress is easy to use and easily you can apply plugins, themes, pages, etc.
  6. WordPress provide everything for a new blogger.

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