Best Alternatives of Chinese apps in India 2020

Best Alternatives of Chinese apps in India 2020

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In the recent days, in India is increased the byqoute the chinese product and services .And Indian govt also issued a list of the Chinese App that are not suitable for SECURITY majors in India.
In the last month an app called Remove china apps that crossed napprove five millions Downloads in Google play store in Just two -three weeks. But that app remove from play store .

There are many popular Chinese apps we are use in regular bases in India .Any for those we have many alternatives of Chinese Apps in India.

Chinese App alternatives in India 2020.

1. Trilller ( Best Alternative of TikTok/ like)

In  Indian we are aware about the security issues in TikTok .Because it fail to take down the Videos made by Children under 13. And the TikTok is Owned by Bytedance – a beijing based company its mean to sharing the data to China.

I personally suggested , to think about the security and always remains in the safe site in any case.So you should moved to thriller app.
This app is similar to the TikTok. Triller app is belongs to the company based our of California.
Just like TikTok , you create a short video and live in seconds.

2. Google Chrome ( Best Alternative of UC Browser and  CM Browser)

Now we come to another dangerous Chinese app called UC Broswer , with his younger brother CM Browser. Both of these apps are mastered in data sharing with China and data breaching . UC broswer is  app that ban from from Google play store two times.

UC broswer is the owned by Alibaba Groups of China. UC broswer comes under the most famous broswers.
And now CM Broswer is another browser that comes under the security or privacy concern .

Google Chrome is one the best browser in world for both platform android and ios. Google Chrome continuously update their performance and security features.

3. ShareChat (Best Alternative of Helo App)

Helo App is the Chinese app that popular in India like Fire in Forest.Helo App is the similar app like TiKTok means you can post video. Helo App also available more that 14 Indian regional languages , Its also in the top ranker apps on Google Play Store.

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